Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

blocking in

I have decided to post some of my larger projects in process. I am using a widget called closr which allow me to post a high resolution image that you can zoom in on. My first post is a 20 x 20 painting I have started to block in based on a small daily painting I did last month. It is a drive in painting from the classic opening scene from The Godfather. In this part of my process I have done a rough sketch and began to lay in color. My focus is on my value relationships, and then color. I don't want my drawing or shapes to get too far off, but as long as I keep them loose, I can always tweek them into place. I am paying careful the values in the lamp behind the figures, which has to be the lightest thing in the painting for noe, and the other light shapes like the white shirt. For me, this early part of the process is critical, and fun. It seems to be where the overall mood of the painting starts to come. I also think of this as the rythm of the painting, abstract in nature, but essential, like the rythm section of a band or the foundation and infrastucture of a building. I enjoy being able to see the mood of the painting evolve so soon.